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"Science Fiction Plus", Vol 1 No 6 (October 1953) (ed Hugo Gernsback) (magazine, free): Annotated table of contents

Cover by Frank R Paul of Science Fiction Plus magazine, October 1953 issue.
Scans of this magazine in CBR format are online as part of a larger package.

There is an interesting call for authors on ToC page: "$100.00 will be paid by this magazine for each Short-Short Science-Fiction Story. These stories must be real science fiction, not fantasy, & should not run over 1,000 words.The Short-Short + will occupy one full page." Doesn't that make it the highest paying flash fiction market of its time?

Note: Magazine seems to interchangeably use "Science Fiction Plus" & "Science Fiction +" as its titles. Cover logo blends the two.

Table of contents. 

Links on authors fetch more fiction by author. Where I have a separate post on a story, link on story title goes there.

  1. [novelette] Thomas Calvert McClary's "The Celestial Brake".
  2. [short novel] Philip Jose Farmer's "Strange Compulsion": "The conquest of many of the most distressing infirmities is made difficult by the veil of prudery which covers such illnesses as venereal diseases, & even today there exists the absurd notion that it is not respectful to have cancer or a hernia. It seems logical that even the most careful preparation will not avoid the contraction of new diseases when man conquers space--& should those ills be fostered by prudery, the result might prove tragic."
  3. [ss] Jack Williamson's "Operation: Gravity": "at present we simply have no concept of the nature of gravity. If ... we should have the opportunity of studying gravity under special conditions, we may arrive at an understanding that will make science-fiction notions about gravitation a possibility."
  4. [ss] Eric Frank Russell's "Postscript" aka "P.S." (A): 'How great are the odds against human beings feeling emotions of sympathy, understanding, & compassion for any alien races that may be discovered on distant worlds in the years following interplanetary travel? View the great difficulty the peoples of the world seem to have in getting along with human beings who are different only in color of skin. Consider the tendency to treat groups of opposing religious or political thought as "different," & something less than human.'
  5. [ss] Roger Dee's "Worlds Within Worlds": "what would happen if we discovered that an insuperable barrier imprisoned us to the surface of the Earth forever"?
  6. [ff] Anne McCaffrey's "Freedom of the Race".

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That might be the cover that inspired the Star ship Enterprise of Star Trek