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"Marvel Science Stories", Vol 3 No 1 (November 1950) (ed R O Erisman) (magazine, free): Annotated table of contents

Cover by Norman Saunders of Marvel Science Stories magazine, November 1950 issue. Illustrates the story Temptress of the Time Flow by Gardner F Fox.
Scans of this magazine in CBR format are online as part of a larger package.

"Cataaaa" is the only philosophical story I've seen from van Vogt so far. And a good read too.

Table of contents. 

Links on authors fetch more fiction by author.

  1. [novel] Arthur J Burks' "Trin": "WANTED: MAN UNDER THIRTY WITHOUT TIES, AMBITIONS, FEARS OR EXPECTATIONS. --That was the ad I put in the Times. And Joe X answered it. I warned Joe X the job might cost him his life. Joe X replied that that was impossible, he couldn't be killed. I told Joe X that he might be driven insane. Joe X assured me that that was impossible too--because he had no brain!"
  2. [novel] Gardner F Fox's "Temptress of the Time Flow": "The universe was going to puff out of existence any moment--unless Tranton was willing to change at once from a decent Earthman to a ruthless space tramp. And his fateful choice did not end there. For beyond the time-flow Alter, he'd have to decide whether he wanted the lovely, gentle golden girl & peace for mankind, or the alluring, flame-haired, red-lipped Drayatha & the conquest of space she promised, the loot & treasure of unguessable centuries!"
  3. [novelet] Lloyd Arthur Eshbach's "Overlord of Earth": "Murderer, sadist, product of an earlier, more violent day, Andrev had learned the secret of physical immortality & lay in a hidden crypt for centuries, waiting patiently for men in their growing wisdom to realize the stupidity of war--& so in their new peacefulness, to become easy prey for his blood-thirsty villainy."
  4. [novelet] A Bertram Chandler's "Firebrand!"
  5. [ss] [reprint] A E van Vogt's "Cataaaa" aka "Cataaaaa" (A); read online (very slow page load); Fantasy Book, Vol 1 No 1 (July 1947): Showing-off is intrinsic to human nature!
  6. [ss] Cedric Walker's "The Guinea-Pig": "Feelingless devils, those biologists! They'd never rest until everything in the whole world crept from their ghastly operating tables--even human beings!"
  7. [ss] Paul Chadwick's "The Day They Landed": "Why, those other world invaders didn't even have a permit to land their crazy contraption in the town park! The Selectmen of Eastboro were never going to stand for that!"

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  1. ISFDB listing for this issue also includes an uncredited short story "Behind the Ate Ball: A Martian Oddity". I don't find it anywhere in ToC. May be they used a different edition (mine is US edition), or more likely, somebody forgot including it on ToC page (I've seen this occasionally in pulps). I haven't scanned the entire issue page by page.

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