Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Few posts recently, & for a fortnight

I had a major problem with one of my machines a week back, or rather multiple problems. Wasted hours last week, & I still am not sure everything is ok, but it at least is now able to connect to internet & I've lost less than a dozen files.

I'll be traveling next week (1-9 January) & am unlikely to post. Wish you a good new year.

Unless more things go wrong with the errant machine, I should have at least a few posts during current week.


Anonymous said...

Thought you might find this piece on the state-of-SF-today interesting: http://www.salon.com/books/feature/2010/12/16/21st_century_science_fiction/index.html. I know I did. It will be interesting to see if/what kind of commentary it prompts in the the SciFi blogosphere.

Krishnan said...

Tinkoo, my wishes in advance for a great New Year for you.

Tinkoo said...

Thank you, Krishnan. Wish you the same.

Tinkoo said...

Thanks, Anonymous. I read it last week, when there was a brief discussion on it at ClassicScienceFiction Yahoo group. I've a few posts on it there, but unfortunately, it's a closed group - even archives are invisible to non-members:(