Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Free fiction: 2 issues of "Worlds Beyond"

Scans of both in CBR format at Crosseyed Cyclops.

In bold below are the link names used in the linked post (which doesn't use useful issue names in its links).

If I have a separate post on an issue, link on issue name goes there. Links on authors fetch more of their fiction.

  1. "V1 #2 download": January 1951. Among the authors: Judith Merril, Rudyard Kipling, William Tenn.
  2. "V1 #3 download": February 1951. Among the authors: Jack Vance, Lester del Rey, Poul Anderson, C M Kornbluth, Harry Harrison.
PS: One of the comments in Crosseyed Cyclops page linked above includes another link to December 1950 issue too. But I haven't tried downloading it yet.

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