Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Michael A Burstein's "Hope" (short story, free): Dilemma of a generation ship captain

While the plot is ordinary, it's a quick fast read.

Story summary.

Ballyshannon is a generation ship with thousands of colonists on board, is some centuries away from Earth, & a century still from its destination - a world orbiting the "New Beginnings star".

One fine morning, a stranger appears out of thin air in front of ship's captain, Samantha Jones. He claims to be from future, descended from a family on-board the ship. And tells the captain of disaster that awaits the ship once they reach their destination. What are the choices open to ship's captain?

Fact sheet.

First published: Z S Adani & Eric T Reynolds (eds)' "Destination: Future" (anthology, 2010).
Download full text from publisher's site. [via Jamie Todd Rubin]
Rating: A.