Friday, January 14, 2011

"Wonder Stories Quarterly", Vol 3 No 4 (Summer 1932) (magazine, free): Annotated table of contents

Cover image of Wonder Stories Quarterly magazine, Volume 3 Number 4 Summer 1932 issue. It depicts a scene from the short story The Menace from Mercury by Raymond Gallun and John Michel.It's one of the Hugo Gernsback's magazines, & scans in CBZ format are online at Crosseyed Cyclops. Looks like mostly planetary adventures.

Table of contents.

  1. John Scott Campbell's "Beyond Pluto": "As exiles from earth they went into the great unknown, to meet mysteries of other world ..."
  2. Frank A Kelly's "Exiles of Mars": "Lone protectors of a planet, they forced the thirst-maddened desert hoards ..."
  3. John Bertin & Edward Morris' "Rebellion on Venus".
  4. Laurence Manning's "The Voyage of the Asteroid": "As discoverers they ventured into space, to bow to the elements on an unknown world ..."
  5. Raymond Gallun & John Michel's "The Menace from Mercury".
  6. Al H Martin's "The Jovian Horde": "Bestial hordes from Jupiter, they came seeking blood & power ..."

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Paul said...

Thanks for the tip on Mars.

Been browsing Starclimber, Raymond Z. Gallun's autobio, over at Google Books.