Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stories from Playboy magazine, 2011 issues

Note that while they sometimes publish very good genre stories, most of their fiction is non-genre.

List below is by my preference - best first; unread stories come at end. My rating (ABC: A = time well spent; C = don't bother) is in brackets. Unless mentioned otherwise, stories are from US edition of the magazine.
  1. January: Thom Jones' "Bomb Shelter Noel" (B); non-genre: A girl, a serious "type I diabetic",  hosts a radio show about survival.

    May be we need to read irony here - someone chronically sick showing a public face of someone very fit? I'm not sure. But in spite of being a story about someone very sick, it makes a light read.
  2. February: Walter Mosley's "Untitled Crime Story" (B); non-genre: Three black men commit a $3m heist in New York city. Gang leader is seen by a witness; is hence killed by the other two. One of the other two is killed by cops after laying a trap. Now the sole survivor is living an anonymous life in fear ... when will he get a bullet?

    Story seems to emphasize that the three criminals are black. May be US readers will read more into its social background tidbits.
  3. March: ?
  4. April: ?
  5. May: ?
  6. June: ?
  7. July: ?
  8. August: ?
  9. September: ?
  10. October: ?
  11. November: ?
  12. December: ?
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