Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My fever is back, with a vengeance

Started again Friday evening - 100-102F range. At least that's when I measured first, though I'd been feeling uneasy for a couple of days then.

Doctor who'd fixed my dehydration issue a couple of weeks back wasn't in during the weekend; so met him yesterday. This time he seems to be treating for a proper viral infection - with something that seems to be an orally administered cousin of penicillin (I think, though he told me simply that it's an antibiotic).

Two doses so far, of 6 - next one is due 2 hrs from now. So far, the fever goes down so far as Paracetamol is in the system- 4-5 hours after medication; then it returns to its new normal - 101-103F. And appetite is down to zero; guess I'll lose a kilo or two more by the time I'm through.

There won't be another post till my temperature is under control. Sorry.


Arvind Mishra said...

have you got typhoid checked which is very insidious kind of fever with a notoriety of relapsing back !
Anyways take care -wishing you speedy recovery

Tinkoo said...

Thanks, Arvind. This is not typhoid - that was one of the things eliminated in the first round of pathology tests 2 months back.

This seems to be a lingering throat infection that wasn't giving much trouble - so I kept ignoring. Now the things seems to be out of control. At least that seems to be the consensus of my physician & an ENT specialist he referred me to on Monday.

But so far, there has been a lot of guess work. Let's hope it works.

Krishnan said...

Bit concerning. Do take care.