Thursday, October 20, 2011

Clark Ashton Smith's "A Star-Change" aka "The Visitors from Mlok" (short story, free): Being appropriately human considered better than being more than human

Lemuel Sarkis, unhappy with life, is taken by two aliens to their world, Mlok. A world in a galaxy so distant its light is yet to reach earth!

Only problem is: local lights & sounds are hard on humans senses, & make Sarkis sick. So aliens treat his senses so he'll be comfortable.

Later, Sarkis needs to be returned to earth in a hurry because of a local emergency. And he discovers his altered senses now find earth's normal sensations unbearable...

See also.

  1. C L Moore's "The Bright Illusion": A man, with altered senses, falls in love with an alien "women" on a world whose light & sounds will be unbearable to humans.

Fact sheet.

First published: Wonder Stories, May 1933.
Download full text from Eldritch Dark.
Rating: B.
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