Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Philip K Dick's "Adjustment Team" aka "The Adjustment Bureau" (novelette, free): A man accidentally watches God in action

Illustration accompanying a magazine appearance of the short story Adjustment Team by Philip K Dick. Picture shows the man whose office building has gone haywire.
God, with the help of his team, sometimes adjusts reality, to set up a chain of events towards a desired outcome. These adjustments are localized, done in "sectors".

One of these adjustments went a little wrong, in that it didn't change all that needed changing. One "element" remained unchanged! Element that's a man named Ed Fletcher.

This is the story of Fletcher's nightmare that results.

See also.

  1. Eric Frank Russell's  "Hobbyist": A man accidentally meets God.

Fact sheet.

First published: Orbit, #4 (September-October 1954).
Download full text from Southern Cross Review or scans from Wikimedia Commons.
Credits: I looked up this story after seeing its mention in David Langford's Ansible, November 2011. Link to scans at Wikimedia is via Best Science Fiction Stories (I personally haven't read these scans).
Rating: B.
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