Wednesday, December 28, 2011

3 stories

None top notch. Neither crappy. Average fare.
  1. Christopher Anvil's "Leverage" (B); download; Astounding, July 1959: Human pioneers on a new world are harrased by local versions of gnats, crows, & dinosaur birds. Until someone has an idea...
  2. Christopher Anvil's "The Sieve" (B); downloadAstounding, April 1959: Pioneer (human) agricultural communities on this tough planet need to get rid of the useless & lazy among themselves to survive.
  3. [ff] Kathryn Cramer's "You, In Emulation" (B); download; Nature, 20 October 2011: What if you could check out my brain dump from your local library & interact with it during rental period & make friends with it?