Sunday, March 4, 2012

Eric Frank Russell's "Somewhere a Voice" (novella, adventure): Unsuccessful hike to rescue by the stranded

One of the more mundane stories of Russell. Or may be I'm getting impatient with plots repeated a 1000 times. This one is of a hike through a jungle world, meeting & fighting local monsters.

At the start, it's a party of 7 men, 1 woman, & 1 dog - survivors of a spaceshipwreck that successfully landed on an uncolonized world. Uncolonized, but it still has a "rescue-station"! That's some 2000 miles north of landing place, no one knows how far east or west. They've no maps, no working communications gear.

So they set on a hike through the jungle to the rescue-station. All, except dog, will die on the way, one by one.

Fact sheet.

First publishedOther Worlds Science Stories, January 1953.
Rating: B.
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