Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tom Godwin's "The Space Barbarians" (novel, space opera): Teaching slave takers a lesson

Cover of the novel The Space Barbarians by Tom Godwin
This a sequel to author's excellent novel, "Space Prison" (download). Not quite in the class of original, but still a very good read. This is not a survival story, however; it's a pure space opera, & not always entirely logical.

Story summary.

Three human worlds - Ragnarok, Athena, & Earth. Ragnarokans are the hardy survivors & Athenans the enslaved people of the first book. And three alien races: Gerns, Shomarians, & Kilvar.

Gerns are the slave takers of first book. Now, 3 years after the first book's end, Gern empire is destroyed by humans - led by Ragnarokans.

Action starts with mysterious aliens raiding Ragnarok; they take a 100 women & young men, stun the remaining population of the only town here, & poison the air that blinds all exposed to it. Earth & Athena refuse to help Ragnarok find the culprits & avenge the raid; so Ragnarokans are all alone in their revenge.

Most of the story is Ragnarokans locating the real culprits & taking their revenge, in spite of enemy's far superior strength. Most of kidnapped human will die a horrible death before end. There will be a lot of confusion on who the real culprits are - hominid Shomarians who're related to Gerns, or cat-like telepathic Kilvar.

Fact sheet.

First published: 1960.
Rating: A.
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