Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ebook Giveaway: M R Mathias, Jr's omnibus "Confliction Compendium"

Cover image of omnibus edition Confliction Compendium by M R Mathias, Jr
Author has offered to give 5 copies of the book to readers of Variety SF. We'll do this on a first-come-first-served basis - first 5 readers who want it get it. It's available either as a Kindle ebook or as a pdf. Write to varietysfadm-c at with "Confliction Compendium" in title & your desired format in body. Book will be sent directly by the author. Offer is open for a week - till Thursday, 26 April 2012.

Book contains 3 novels & 3 shorts, of two related series.
Dragoneer series:
  1. [novella] "The First Dragoneer".
  2. [novel] "The Royal Dragoneers".
  3. [novel] "Cold Hearted Son of a Witch".
  4. [novel] "The Confliction".
"Crimzon & Clover" series:
  1.  [ss] "Orphaned Dragon, Lucky Girl".
  2.  [ss] "The Tricky Wizard".
More from author: 'The Confliction Compendium is an "Amazon Exclusive" omnibus edition of the Full Confliction Cycle of Dragoneers novels.'

About the author: "M R Mathias is the author of The Wardstone Trilogy, The Dragoneers Saga, The Crimzon&  Clover Short Story Series, as well as an Award Winning horror/thriller novelist under the pen name Michael Robb Mathias."

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