Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Joe Pitkin's "Houseflies" (short story, free)

Illustration accompanying the online publication in Cosmos magazine of short story Houseflies by Joe Pitkin. Image shows close up of a fly.
This is the second story I've seen this week dealing with man vs animals-as-food; other one, E O Wilson's novel "Anthill", promises to develop into much broader ecological issues (but I'm barely a few chapters in yet). More on "Anthill" after I finish that.

While I cannot say I loved this story, the last one third held me in fascination - repulsive sort of fascination. Tissues of the last life-vault specimen of an extinct bird species are brought to life to...

First two thirds is a generally mundane post-apocalypse story.

Fact sheet.

First published: Cosmos, 8 May 2012.
Download full text from publisher's web site.
Rating: B.