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"Other Worlds Science Stories", March 1951 (ed Raymond A Palmer) (magazine, free): Annotated table of contents

Cover, by H W McCauley, of Other Worlds Science Stories magazine, March 1951 issue
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Table of contents (best first, unread last).

  1. [ss] Eric Frank Russell's "Test Piece" (B): Don't say it, or your life is forfeit!
  2. [novelette] Theodore H Sturgeon's "Last Laugh": "There was nothing so terrible as the Gabblers. Human ears could not withstand their horrid uproar--& death to all comers glared from their eyes."
  3. [ss] Lou Tobakow's "The Wedding Present": "Only the god-color's golden glory could be a fitting gift--& Vroom found just the thing for the wedding present".
  4. [ss] David H Keller's "The Plot Machine": "Here's advice to those of you who want to write science fiction--"
  5. [novelette] Ray Palmer's "Eye of the Temptress": "Beginning with Eve, each period of our history has been influenced by a beautiful woman. But have you ever stopped to wonder why? Take, for instance, our present day temptress..."
  6. [novelette] Charles R Tanner's "Angus MacAuliffe & the Gowden Tooch": 'Angus received a legecy from his warlock uncle, but it wasn't what it seemed--for it contained a Greek, & what was worse, he was a Greek who came bearing "gifts."'
  7. [ss] Fredric Brown & Mack Reynolds' "The Switcheroo": "The switcheroo did a wonderful thing--it sent you into the body you were thinking of at the time."
  8. [novelette] William C Bailey's "The Solution": "When young Pinky Lane returned to Castor, he was considered fair game by everyone at the Casino. Pinky, however, had learned his lesson the first time & now had a few plans of his own."
  9. [ss] Charles E Fritsch's "The Wallpaper": "He came out of the wallpaper, intent on seduction--as was Pan's usual practice, but..."

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