Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Stories from "Nature" magazine, August 2012 issues

5 stories of flash fiction length, all online. I didn't find anything really noteworthy here, though I liked the first two (Meikle's & Morris') better then the rest.
  1. 30 August: William Meikle's "Growth" (B); download: When the sun dimmed suddenly, food rather than global warming was the problem. A man experimenting with a fast growing fungus that liked cold dark places suddenly was in high demand. Will he be a savior of the the world?
  2. 23 August: Freya Morris' "The write rules" (B); download: Thought police in a world of universal connectivity via implants, where all thoughts are online, & are monitored & censored by government. And writing on paper - thoughts that cannot be monitored - is sedition.
  3. 16 August: Sue Lange's "Tige is the man" (B); download: A party in a smart house of future. Where mind reading & mind-networking is the norm. Crowd at the party is playing a dare game where each person downs his "shield" so everybody can see what he really thinks of them.
  4. 9 August: Luc Reid's "Ways to enjoy Nutrient Blend 14" (C); download: Description of a world where everyone uses augmented reality gadgets. I don't really understand how people go about safely in a world where there senses don't tell them about the environment - a small room looks bigger, so how come you don't bump into a wall? 
  5. 2 August: Polenth Blake's "Dead meat" (C); download: Look it up only if you have a taste in gory stuff. A woman has been building art gallries out of meat, animal & human - animate & with real blood that keeps oozing out!
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