Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thomas Pierce's "Shirley Temple Three" (short story, mammoths, free)

Illustration by Scott Musgrove accompanying the original publication in The New Yorker magazine of short story Shirley Temple Three by Thomas Pierce. Image shows the dwarf mammoth, brought to life out of its time, in its pen.
Tommy runs a TV show on prehistoric beasts. His team somehow brings to life a prehistoric beast, & he does the show with that.

A mess at the show, & he's left with a "Bread Island Dwarf Mammoth", a cousin of wooly mammoth, to hide. And he hides it at the home of his "Mawmaw". Title is the name Tommy & his mawmaw have given to the mammoth.

Story is mostly troubles & emotions of mawmaw keeping the animal out of its time happy, & of her relationship with her difficult son.

Fact sheet.

First published: The New Yorker, 24 December 2012.
Download full text from publisher's site. [via QuasarDragon]
Author elaborates on the story background in this talk with Cressida Leyshon.
Rating: B.