Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Stories from "Nature" magazine, December 2012 issues

Only 3 stories during December, all flash fiction length, all online, all minor ones. List below is in order of my preference (best first):
  1. 13 Dec: Tristan Scott's "An unintended future" (B); download: Consumerization of genetic modification gadgets, & over the decades, accumulated "minor" "edits" to the gene pool, has resulted in humans evolving into all sorts of creatures - where no two humans look normal & many have genes that are outright fatal.

    The man who was vital in invention of these gadgets is regretting his works & wants to "backtrack up the evolutionary tree?" But how?
  2. 20 Dec: John Gilbey's "Review of the year: 2062" (B); download: A litany of techno-catastrophes & cynical but typical social responses.
  3. 6 Dec: Moshe Sipper's "Time and again" (C); download: Someone travels back in time to stop incest in the family. But ending left me confused.
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Krishnan said...

Wishing you the very best in this new year.

Tinkoo said...

Thank you, Kishnan. Wish you the same.