Friday, January 11, 2013

William Morrison's "Bad Medicine" (short story, humor, free)

Part of the illustration accompanying the original publication in Thrilling Wonder Stories magazine of short story Bad Medicine by William Morrison. Image shows two human conmen on Saturn, selling what they think is colored water as a brain-enhancement drug to locals.
Don't look for logic, & it's a light fun read.

Story summary.

A couple of human conmen running their "Gigantic Medicine Show" have landed on Saturn, attracting curious Saturnians to crowd around their ship. So they open shop - selling "The Red Mans' Old-Fashioned Radioactive Herb Remedy, fortified with vitamins A to R inclusive, the latter made with the most recently discovered carbon isotope", with the promise it will "increase your intelligence a thousandfold!" But payment should be in the form of red bead necklaces Saturnians wear - dirt cheap there, very pricey on earth.

Well, both sides will successfully trade what they desire ... to the horror of the sellers...

Fact sheet.

First publishedThrilling Wonder Stories, February 1941.
Download full text from Pulpgen. [via QuasarDragon]
Rating: B.
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