Monday, July 22, 2013

Some online fiction by well known authors

Most are courtesy of Free Speculative Fiction Online. Where I have a post on a story, link on title goes there. Link labeled "download" fetches the actual story. Link on author fetches more fiction by author.

Among the ones I've read, my favorite is "Two Yards of Dragon".
  1. Arthur Clarke's "A Walk in the Dark"; download text/audio; horror: Our primeval fears...
  2. L Sprague de Camp's "Nothing in the Rules; download; humor: What if mermaids were allowed in women's swimming competitions?
  3. L Sprage de Camp's "Two Yards of Dragon" (A); download: Adventures dragon hunting...
  4. Fritz Leiber's "The Bleak Shore"; download.
  5. Murray Leinster's "Nightmare Planet"; download: I don't recollect this title but it appears to be yet another variant of "The Mad Planet".
  6. Frederik Pohl's "The Kindly Isle"; download.
  7. Manly Wade Wellman's "O Ugly Bird!"; download.
  8. Alice Sheldon's "The Man Who Walked Home" (as by James Tiptree, Jr); download.
  9. John Varley's "Air Raid"; download.