Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stories from "Nature" magazine, June 2013 issues

Four stories, all flash fiction length, all online. While I really liked only the first one, each of the first 3 have curious ideas.

List below is in order of my preference - best first. If I have a separate post on a story, link on story title goes there.
  1. 20 June: John Grant's "Buzz off" (A); download; humor: Helpful aliens are baffled by human hostility...
  2. 27 June: Euan Nisbet's "Probability-1: termination" (B); download; alternate history: An unusual method to change the present...

    Story itself didn't really interest me - it's alternate history of the world, with a lot of famous name throwing - many of which I'm not familiar with. Only the method of changing now interested me.
  3. 6 June: Tony Ballantyne's "Rondo code" (B); download: Programming computers via music rather than text...
  4. 13 June: Jessica May Lin's "Mortar flowers" (C); download: A man in a war ravaged town is playing "Cement Florist", decorating the scars created by bombs at public places.
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