Friday, August 23, 2013

"The Thrill Book", 1 October 1919 (magazine, free): Table of contents

Cover the The Thrill Book magazine, 1 October 1919 issue.I've never read this magazine before, but Murray Leinster published here - so it probably is not out of place.

ToC labels some of the fiction as "storiette". I wonder if that means flash fiction?

Table of contents.

  1. [novelette] H Bedford-Jones' "Mr Shen of Shensi".
  2. [novelette] Harry Golden's "A Step & a Half".
  3. [serial - 2/4] Rupert Hughes' "The Gift-Wife".
  4. [serial - 4/5] Francis Stevens' "The Head of Cereberus".
  5. [ss] Ray W Hinds' "Recoiling Sparks".
  6. [ss] Ada Louvie Evans' "Between Two Worlds".
  7. [ss] Roy Leslie's "An Eccentric".
  8. [ss] Anthony T Lorenz's "Ghosts of Chaacmol".
  9. [ss] Will H Greenfied's "The Mouse & the Cheese".
  10. [ss] Newton A Fuessle's "A Perfect Melody".
  11. [ss] Mary Carolyn Davies' "Words That Came Alive".
  12. [ss] Everett McNeill's "At the Hands of the Master".
  13. [ss] Mordaunt Hall's "The Escape".
  14. [storiette] Harold de Polo's "Violets?".
  15. [storiette] Ted Robbins' "Crimson Flowers".
  16. [storiette] Pearl Bragg's "The Song from the Dead".

Fact sheet.

Labeled: "Vol III No 1".
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