Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Large online collection of Henry Kuttner stories

UNZ lists online copies of 155 of his stories - generally magazine scans. There ought to be a way to save these as pdf but I cannot figure out how. But one I tried loaded well in their in-browser reader - far less convenient than pdf, but they have stories I haven't seen elsewhere.


Dave Tackett said...

There's no easy way that I can see (that seems to be on purpose).

Tinkoo said...

The following method to save a story as pdf works in Chrome on my Android tablet but not in Firefox on my XP PC. I have tested only with one story so far - "Suicide Squad". And yes, it's a round about method.

The UNZ content actually lives on Google Drive. There is link labeled "Full Screen" just above the text of story in UNZ. Click it & you go to Google's own page with more screen space used to display content. In Chrome, at the bottom of this page, you see a link labeled "download". That fetches the story as a pdf file.

Tinkoo said...

PDF link is visible on Android tablet with Firefox too, in addition to Chrome note above. But not with Firefox on Windows XP!