Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stories from "Playboy" magazine, 2013 issues

Quote from an interview of Marshall Mcluhan by Eric Norden, originally published in Playboy magazine, March 1969 issue.Playboy occasionally publishes very good science fiction, but most of their fiction is non-genre & a rather large quantity of it unremarkable.

Quote alongside is from an excerpt, in October issue, from a very curious interview of Marshall Mcluhan that Eric Norden did on behalf of Playboy, & that was originally published in March 1969 issue. The interview itself appears to be a sort of classic & very science fictional; a much longer version of interview, & presumably closer to original, is online at UCDavis.

Stories below are from US edition, unless mentioned otherwise. List is in order of my preference, best first, unread last. My rating for read stories is in brackets.
  1. March: Ludmilla Petrushevskaya's "The Goddess Parka" (trans from Russian by Anna Summers) (A); non-genre: A worldly wise old woman from Moscow is trying to catch an unmarried man in small town Russia for a girl she knows in Moscow.
  2. October: Stu Dearnley's "Sparring Partners" (B); non-genre: Violent life inside a prison, told from the point of view of a prisoner who's a former boxer with a star sportsman son with whom he's not on talking terms.
  3. January/February: Lawrence Block's "Keller at Sea" (B); non-genre, book excerpt: A hired killer is stalking his target on a cruise ship, & will eventually kill him.
  4. June: Liesl Schillinger's "Getting My Baby Tanked" (B); download; non-genre: Readable but generally pointless love story of a married woman who is going to divorce her husband with someone.
  5. April: ?
  6. May: ?
  7. July: ?
  8. August: ?
  9. September: ?
  10. November: ?
  11. December: ?
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