Saturday, October 5, 2013

Henry Kuttner's "No Greater Love" (novelette, fantasy, free): Too much love can kill!

One of the illustrations by Orban accompanying the original publication in Unknown magazine of short story No Greater Love by Henry Kuttner. Image shows pixies threatening the human thief who stole their Love sigil.A man with no morals comes to possess a charm, built for a pixie, that makes everything around love you. Everything, i.e., including stray sparrows, dogs, people, pixies, ...! Pixie owner of the charm is after the man to get it back.

Eventually, getting in a tight corner, man will invade the pixie charm shop again, & take charge of another charm too - the one that grants 3 wishes everyday. And will quickly discover how deadly a combination the wish charm makes when combined with the love charm...

Fact sheet.

First published: Unknown, April 1943.
Read online at UNZ.
Rating: A.
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