Sunday, February 23, 2014

Henry Kuttner's "Extrapolation" (short story, satire, free): Science fiction vs fantasy wars in fandom

One of the illustrations by John Grossman accompanying the original publication in Fanscient magazine of short story Extrapolation by Henry Kuttner. Image shows the cover of Geared Tales, an imaginary science fiction magazine in future.Author tells us why there won't be any science fiction or fantasy magazines after 1958, a decade after this story was published.

He's using some sort of prescience to find this, but no details are given. And there is suggestion it's not humans doing the editing in 1958, just before the end of the genre.

Fact sheet.

First published: Fanscient, Fall 1948.
Download full text as part of the magazine it originally appeared in, or read online as HTML.
Rating: B.
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PetrusOctavianus said...

"However, by 1958 there weren't - won't be - any stories by me in _any_ magazine, and I haven't the least idea what happened."

The "funny" thing is that Kuttner died in 1958...