Saturday, May 3, 2008

* David McVeigh's "Man In Grey" (flash fiction, non-genre)

This is a political story about a current issue. An alien "Executioner" is meting out justice on earth. In the story, we see part of the hearing & then execution of the President of a rich country.

Accusations include:

  1. "You ordered complex maneuvers to evade international law in order to transport political prisoners to places of torture".
  2. "Even now, you prosecute a war in a backward country on a very ... transparent pretext!"
  3. "your coercion of other, more moderate nations to your way of thinking."

Accused's defense that didn't cut with the judge/Executioner includes:

  1. "We are a sovereign power protecting our security against terrorism."
  2. "We're world leaders. We brought peace. We raised backward nations to prosperity. We're strong. We protect the good nations... No one can survive without our democracy. The terrorists want to hurt our economy."

Fact sheet.

First published: AntipodeanSF magazine, #117 (February/March 2008).
Rating: A
Download full text.

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Sylvia Morgan said...

Was David McVeidgh`s mooother called Lena ALLAWAY? If so, she was my fater`s sister. he was Albert Edward ALLAWAY
Sylvia Morgan(nee ALLAWAY)