Saturday, May 3, 2008

** Jerome Bixby's "It's a Good Life" (short story, fantasy, free)

An abnormal & telepathic child whose wishes come true is born in a village. Because of his own incoherent thoughts, he's ended up wishing a lot of people into grave! And moved his village to god knows where - on earth or elsewhere; there is extreme shortage of everything in the village because they are completely cut off from rest of humanity. And in spite of all the problems, no once must even think any thoughts near the child that will make him want to help - so they always say "It's a Good Life" near him, even when in deep trouble!

Collected in.

  1. Robert Silverberg (Ed)'s "The Science Fiction Hall of Fame: Volume One, 1929-1964".

Fact sheet.

First published: Star Science Fiction Stories, #2 (1953).
Rating: C
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