Thursday, September 25, 2008

Some experience reading scans

Of late, I've been finding quite a few online stories that are posted as image scans - JPG or PNG files - rather than text files. So far, I'd shied away from actually picking one up for reading - both because I thought it would be very clumsy, & because my hard disk is always on the verge of overflowing & image scans tend to be big files.

But finally I gave it a try - Jack Williamson's "The Metal Man" JPG scans read on a notebook. And guess what - it wasn't much worse a reading experience than normal text files on same machine!

I used IrfanView image viewing program with "View / Display options / Do not fit anything" option set.

I still prefer text files - much smaller files, can cut/paste, can yellow mark text fragments when I care, ... But image scans aren't exactly inaccessible.