Thursday, November 20, 2008

Original free fiction feed: recent problem, & may not post today

Since the last few days, this feed has been behaving erratically. If a feed reader checks only once or twice a day, it may not get anything; a reader that keeps checking hourly all day long usually does get the new content.

Some part of my program seems to be taking too long - resulting in time outs when feedburner tries to collect things.

Last I touched the code was Sunday or Monday - & problem seems to be happening since. I'll look at it late tonight, but I'm not sure there will be an easy way to verify that the issue has indeed been fixed. In the worst case, the problem may persist till the weekend.

Because of this, I may not post today.

PS: Bot SF feed subscribers should still be getting content from all constituent feeds except original fiction, even if they check feed only once a day.