Monday, January 19, 2009

Free fiction: Large batch of novels & short fiction by well-known authors

Links at SF Signal.

Well, actually these aren't new links - many are already linked from various pages here; wowio I'd not linked because they cannot be downloaded. But John has put them all on one page, & it's a worthy collection of links.

Note wowio links allow reading the story online via a proprietary interface, but downloads need to be paid for. On a few items on the list:

  1. If Henry Kuttner & C L Moore's linked "Mutant" is the short story collection that I think it is, it's one of the better reactions to Hitler's brand of racism.
  2. "Fury" is a novelization of "Clash by Night". I've only read the original shorter version. Not among the top end stories of Kuttner/Moore, but even their not-bad tends to be better than most. It's an adventure on Venus.
  3. According to some people, "Who Goes There?" is the best story penned by John Campbell. SF Signal links its wowio version; it's also available for download.
  4. "Death & the Senator" is among the good stories of Clarke (though not among his best). It's about space hospitals.