Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Likely feed problems tomorrow

All of Variety SF feeds use services of a site called Feedburner. Feedburner was brought by Google 2 years ago. As part of the Feedburner's integration into Google, they're migrating existing Feedburner databases into the Google infrastructure - not always in a compatible way.

Each Feedburner user needs to explicitly migrate his feeds to Google infrastructure no later than by 28 February 2009; if not done, feeds will stop working. I got my notice today.

This is supposed to be a software administration process invisible to feed subscribers, but database migrations rarely happen very smoothly - and there are many horror stories on the net of issues with Feedburner to Google migrations.

I will be doing my migration tomorrow night. Hoping things will be ok, but keeping my fingers crossed. If you have trouble accessing feeds over the next couple of days, let me know in comments below or privately. Also, if this migration eats up too much of my time tomorrow, I'll skip posting.

All of Variety SF feeds will be affected (but not specialized feeds based on labels):

  1. Main site feed.
  2. Robot generated free fiction feeds: original fiction, reprints, misc free fiction links.
  3. Robot generated featured posts feed.
  4. Bot SF magazine feed.