Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fabio Fernandes' "Ganesh, In the Afternoon" (short story, free): A formula for writing short fiction

Illustration of Lord Ganesh, accompanying the short story titled Ganesh, In the Afternoon by Fabio FernandesMy comments in this post are very biased, & hence are unlikely to have any use whatever for readers outside India.

Where I live, anything to do with Ganapati - the Hindu God of Luck, who's also a key figure in this story - is worth a look. The most energetic religious festival in Bombay is dedicated to him, & some of the most loved children's stories feature him.

Caution: This story depicts him in a crude way. "Elephant God" & description of how his anatomy affects his life don't even begin to capture the images suggested by his lore.

Story summary.

Ganapati, in his human avatar, is giving some gyan on how to write short fiction to a friend & disciple named Satyajit. I'm not sure if the disciple is a stand-in for Satyajit Ray.

As entertainment, it's generally mundane, but ... well ... it features Ganapati!

Fact sheet.

First published: The Nautilus Engine, May 2009.
Rating: B.
Download full text from publisher's site. [Link via Fantasy Book Critic]


Fabio Fernandes said...

Hi Tinkoo!

I just stumbled into this post via Google - first of all, thanks for mentioning my story!

Second, I'd really love to know what you thought of the story. I've been struggling to create more tales in this universe, but I don't want to do anything wrong or stereotyped. Any information you could give me on how I dealt with the story and its characters would be much appreciated.

(and, yes, the protagonist's name is a reference/tribute to Satyajit Say - I love his films! :)

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