Saturday, August 1, 2009

Greg Egan Imposter

Greg Egan, quoted by Dave Langford in Ansible, #265 (August 2009): "photographs of an illustrious professor of electrical engineering from Monash University have been popping up on obscure fannish web sites recently, next to articles about my books... it turns out that as far back as 2006, it had already crossed into a new host and infected the dust jacket of a Spanish translation of Axiomatic."

Reminded me of duplicate Dhurandhar Bhatavrekar in the hilarious movie "Rang Birangi" (1983).

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David Langford said...

As far as the original Ansible coverage is concerned, "Imposter" is a little unfair. The other Greg Egan is a real person. The sf writer is simply objecting to third parties stealing Other Greg Egan photos and claiming that they represent SF Greg Egan.

There is, however, a Facebook impostor whom I've written about in this posting.

David Langford said...

PS "this posting" above -- I tried to put in a link but something went wrong. It's in the current (7 August) post at

Tinkoo said...

Thanks for clarifying, David.