Thursday, April 8, 2010

Zeashan Zaidi's "Murde Ki Awaaz" (tr "Voice of the Corpse") (short story, Hindi, treasure hunt, free)

Dr Chandra, the proverbial mad scientist, has made a discovery: that human memories not only live in our head, but also in our cells! And that some cells in our bones can survive decades after death. And he's made a machine to read the memories from the cells!

Abdul Majid's greatgrandfather had once seen a great treasure somewhere in Sundarbans (on India/Bangladesh border?), but died before he could tell anyone its location.

So now Abdul & Dr Chandra are working together to locate this treasure & split it fifty-fifty; Abdul's responsibility includes digging up his greatgrandfather's grave to get a bone.

All goes well till treasure is located, only both men are greedier than is good for them...

Fact sheet.

First published: Science Times News & Views, sometime in January 2001.
Download full text of original Hindi from Kalkion Hindi. Or automatic translation to English by Google.
Rating: B.
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