Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Astounding Science Fiction", October 1955 (British Edition) (ed John W Campbell, Jr) (magazine, free): Annotated table of contents

Cover image of October 1955 issue of British edition of Astounding Science Fiction magazine. It shows a scene from the movie Conquest of Space, from Paramount Pictures.
Scans of this magazine in CBR format are online as part of a larger package.
Caution: Cover advertises a story - Charles F Hockett's "How to Learn Martian" - but it's not listed in ToC! It is, however, included in the internal pages.

"Allamagoosa" is among the best of science fiction. I'm sure I've seen "Risk" somewhere, but cannot quite place it.

Table of contents. 

Links on author fetch more fiction by author. Where I'm aware of other online copies of a story, I include them too.

  1. [novelette] Everett B Cole's "Millennium": "There are devices a high-level culture could produce that simply don't belong in the hands of incompetents of lower cultural evolution. The finest, & most civilized of tools can be made a menace..."
  2. [novelette] Isaac Asimov's "Risk": It was guaranteed not to kill anybody--wouldn't harm a hair of your head. Of course, it did tend to turn you into a mindless idiot--but it wouldn't hurt you a bit."
  3. [ss] Eric Frank Russell's "Allamagoosa" (A); download: 'Just what it was, they weren't quite sure, but they knew it had to be there; the Bureau's Inventory said so. And the consequences of its "accidental" destruction were astonishing...'
  4. [serial - 2/4] Poul Anderson's "The Long Way Home": "They weren't exactly welcome on Earth 5,000 years beyond their time--but they were hotly contended for. Nobody liked them, but everybody wanted them--particularly the one who wasn't there!"
  5. Charles F Hockett's "How to Learn Martian": "Once upon a time, people thought that a vocabulary & the grammar rules were the whole story on learning a language. But modern linguistics finds it's both more complicated, & also somewhat simpler than that..."

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