Sunday, September 5, 2010

Joe Haldeman's "More Than the Sum of His Parts" (short story, free): A man's transformation into a cyborg, then monster

Quote from short story More Than the Sum of His Parts by Joe Haldeman
This story is ... sort of ... a very abrupt attachment of John Varley's "Bagatelle" (download) to the middle of C L Moore's "No Woman Born".

A serious accident victim is saved by transforming him into a cyborg. He begins to like the new body parts. Then he starts enjoying his new found power too much, & quickly becomes a monster. Monster is easily disposed off, of course, by a techno-gimmick.

Caution: Bits of the story have explicit sex scenes, & describe male anatomy in some detail.

Fact sheet.

First published: Playboy, May 1985.
Download full text from Lightspeed.
Rating: B.


Anonymous said...

About the same way I felt about it. It was obvious that he tailored it to the market :)

LarryS said...

Nice! Having enjoyed his 'The Forever War' I shall download this one!

Tinkoo said...

Except that Playboy has published some of the coolest stories with no references to sex & such. My be the author thought such a thing would be appreciated?

LarryS said...

Yea an Arthur C.Clarke story was published in Playboy magazine-I believe it was the first piece of SF seen there! It was later expanded into the novel 'The Hammer of God'.