Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fiction from Nature magazine, March 2012 issues

They publish a flash fiction piece a week. Most stories tend to be fairly ordinary, though occasionally there are quite good ones too. I liked two from this lot - "Knowledge" & "The pi that wasn't round".
  1. 1 March: John Frizell's "Knowledge" (A); download: A giant squid discovers "writing"!
  2. 15 March: Dan Erlanson's "The pi that wasn't round" (B); download; weird physics: Tale of "a hypothetical particle that could cause spatial distortions if it interacted with ordinary matter" & a circle whose pi is not pi!
  3. 8 March: Eliza Blair's "Bread" (C); download: In a community of small private space habitats somewhere, a woman a baking a bread the ancient way, kneading it with her hands, etc. Not for eating, but as some sort of (religious?) offering.
  4. 22 March: John Gilbey's "Visiting Bob" (C); download: An artificial consciousness, now dying, has a plan to extend its life...
  5. 29 March: João Ramalho-Santos' "Invisible" (C); download: An academic's ultimate achievement...
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