Wednesday, May 30, 2012

James H Schmitz's "Undercurrents" (novella, property dispute, free): Foiling a murder plot

Close family & friends own a firm, with rules of incorporation such that holding will remain within the group, even in the event of death of one of them. One of them a greedy evil member. Over the years, she gets various other members killed, grabbing their share on the cheap.

Now she's after the last significant share holder other than her. To kill her in a way that won't be traceable to culprit. Telzey Amberdon, with help & a lot of telepathic handwave, will help foil the plan.

Fact sheet.

First published: Analog, May/June 1964 (as a 2-part serial).
Download full text from Baen Books.
Rating: B. 
Among the stories from Astounding/Analog issues edited by John Campebell.
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