Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Analog Science Fiction and Fact", May 2012 (magazine): Annotated table of contents & review

Cover image of Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine, March 2012 issue
ToC below covers only fiction, & is in order of my preference - best first. No really noteworthy story among the 3 I've read. Fourth is the concluding part of a novel I've yet to read.
  1. [ss] Eric James Stone's "Lobstersaurus" (B): A farmer girl on a new colony world takes a gigantic local animal as pet when it is still a baby. Animal will save the family later from swarms of a pest that surfaces once in three decades.
  2. [novella] Daniel Hatch's "The End of Ordinary Life..." (B): US homeland security has been arresting people on the slightest pretext, & detaining them wiput due process. Here, such a detention camp is busted by Canadian security & freed are offered asylum in Canada.

    There is a pet alien with a detainee which is suppose to make the story sf.Told from the point of view of a bush pilot who ends up in the detention camp because he was ferrying a gold smuggler across the border into Canada.
  3. [ss] Tracy Canfield's "But It Won't Set You Free" (B): Two humans, responding to alien signals, are on the alien world to make the first contact. They're picking up various local creature to their lab to test which one is sentient! Eventually subjecting a local VIP to indignities of a lab animal.
  4. [serial - part 4/4] Robert J Sawyer's "Triggers": Not read.
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