Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stories from "Nature" magazine, July 2012 issues

Four flash fiction pieces, all online.

I liked only one from this lot - "White lies". List below is in order of my preference, best first.
  1. 19 July: Grace Tang's "White lies" (B); download: Someone has perfected the technology to plant arbitrary memories in the heads of people...
  2. 5 July: Jeff Hecht's "Waiting for Chronomatic" (B); download; satire: Frustrating experience connecting to someone in a company who can help solve a malfunctioning gadget problem.
  3. 12 July: Michael Haynes' "An unsuitable job for a human" (B); download: There is a well known US female pilot named Amelia Earhart, who, along with her navigator, vanished with her plane over the Pacific in 1937. This story tells us what really happened to the duo...
  4. 26 July: David Carr's "Lifeboat" (B); download: A geneticist aboard a ship that has been in the seas for years has been experimentally engineering children by mating human genes with ... what - some animal? Story is told from the point of view of these "monster" children...
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