Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hugo awards 2007: short story winner & nominees

I order the stories below according to my preference - better stories near the top. My rating follows the story title (in brackets).

  1. Robert Reed's "Eight Episodes" (A); download; Asimov's, June 2006: An alien sentinel, planted long back in earth's vicinity, in the tradition of Arthur Clarke's "2001 A Space Odyssey".
  2. [official winner] Tim Pratt's "Impossible Dreams" (B); download; Asimov's, July 2006: A fairy tale romance for grown ups.
  3. Neil Gaiman's "How to talk to girls at parties" (B); download text or MP3: A couple of adolescent boys gatecrash an all-girls party, & figure they are more welcome than they would like!
  4. Bruce McAllister's "Kin" (B); download; Asimov's, February 2006: A loner finds a family.
  5. Benjamin Rosenbaum's "The house beyond your sky" (C); download; Strange Horizons, 4 September 2006: A second rate religious story. If you are devout, you will probably find it merely tedious; else it is likely to read as garbage.
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Update 12 November 2008: Added download & many other links. For many other Hugo lists, a story's post must be opened for download link.