Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Clarkesworld magazine: Story list ranked on quality, plus story summaries & ratings

All "Clarkesworld" stories (2 per month, except December which has 3) till December 2007, ranked on quality (best first). My rating is in brackets. Download link is provided here as well as in my review article (if I have posted one - linked to story title). I also indicate if the story is sf or not, & provide a very short summary.

Unread stories are at the end, ordered by most recently published first.

  1. Time well spent October 2007 Clarkesworld magazine, October 2007 cover : Lisa Mantchev's "A Dance Across Embers" (A); download: A freedom fighter is born. Story is told as a fantasy.
  2. December 2007 : Lisa Mantchev's "Threads of Red and White" (A); download: An immigrant's confusion.
  3. December 2007 : Loreen Heneghan's "The Buried Years" (B); download: Just before marriage, the groom has a confession to make.
  4. October 2007 Clarkesworld magazine, October 2007 cover : Kristin Mandigma's "Excerpt from a Letter by a Social-realist Aswang" (B); download: Humor. A politician's doublespeak.
  5. September 2007 Clarkesworld magazine, September 2007 cover : M P Ericson's "Lost Soul" (B); download: Not sf. A man is used to abusing his family, & realizes his folly too late, after his wife's death. Set in early twentieth century rural India. Well written, but rather late to the game. The subject has been done to death both by era greats like Premchand & Tagore, as well as thousands of lesser writers.
  6. February 2007 Clarkesworld magazine, February 2007 cover : Jay Lake's "Chewing Up the Innocent" (B); download: Not sf. A man makes the choice between family & personal happiness, & chooses the later.
  7. November 2007 : Ken Scholes' "Summer in Paris, Light from the Sky" (C); download: Not sf. An alternate history of Europe during mid twentieth century - with Hitler as a savior of Jews!
  8. January 2007: Erica L Satifka's "Automatic" (C); download: Among the few science fiction stories from Clarkesworld. A future dystopic society where most humans have died out the the few remaining are aliens' property.
  9. December 2007 : Samantha Henderson's "Curse" (C); download: Unoriginal but readable fairy tale.
  10. August 2007 Clarkesworld magazine, August 2007 cover : Darja Malcolm-Clarke's "The Beacon" (C); download: Bio-luminescent sentient beacon locates an airport visually for approaching airships.
  11. May 2007 Clarkesworld magazine, May 2007 cover : Jetse De Vries' "Qubit Conflicts" (C); download: Eons from now, long after humans & planets are gone, our solar system is occupied by a bored AI!
  12. September 2007 Clarkesworld magazine, September 2007 cover : Caitlín R Kiernan's "Little Conversations" aka "Salammbô Redux" (C); download: Not sf. A career woman loses interest in her career & good things in life after she sees the abandoned & mutilated dead body of a girl raped & murdered. About 5 times longer story than necessary. Note: Some days after publication, this story was swapped with Kiernan's "An Ape's Wife" in this issue of magazine for some copyright conflicts; I haven't read the replaced story, nor intend to.
  13. June 2007 Clarkesworld magazine, June 2007 cover : David Charlton's "Moon Over Yodok" (C); download: Not sf. On civil rights abuses in one of the Koreas.
  14. November 2007 : Rebecca Ore's "Acid and Stoned Reindeer" (C); download: Cannot make out the head or tail of this story. A very long lived woman keeps describing her life during stone age a couple of tens of thousands of years ago, & then in the present time! And her descriptions are mostly about sex & narcotics.
  15. August 2007 Clarkesworld magazine, August 2007 cover : Ekaterina Sedia's "The Taste of Wheat" (C), download: Not sf. Children's fairy tale. A girl keeps going to sleep at odd hours, & dreaming of conversations with Gautam Buddha (founder of Buddhism). Towards end, we don't quite now if she is dreaming, or in a magical world!
  16. July 2007 Clarkesworld magazine, July 2007 cover : Darren Speegle's "Transtexting Pose" (C); download: Cannot make out the head or tail of it. Probably something to do with virtual reality. Or magic. Or something!
  17. July 2007: Cat Rambo's "I'll Knaw Your Bones, the Manticore Said". online: Not read.
  18. June 2007: Holly Phillips' "The Oracle Spoke". online: Not read.
  19. May 2007: Paul Tremblay's "There's No Light Between Floors". online: Not read.
  20. April 2007: Jeff Vandermeer's "The Third Bear", online. Not read.
  21. April 2007: Michael De Kler's "The First Female President", online: Not read.
  22. March 2007: Barth Anderson's "Clockmaker's Requieum", online: Not read.
  23. March 2007: Carrie Laben's "Something in the Mermaid Way", online: Not read.
  24. February 2007: Sharon Mock's "Attar of Roses", online: Not read.
  25. January 2007: Elizabeth Bear's "Orm the Beautiful", online: Not read.
  26. December 2006: Catherynne M Valente's "Urchins, While Swimming", online: Not read.
  27. December 2006: Jenny Davidson's "The Other Amazon", online: Not read.
  28. November 2006: Ian Watson and Roberto Quaglia's "The Moby Clitoris of His Beloved", online: Not read.
  29. November 2006: Vylar Kaftan's "Lydia's Body", online: Not read.
  30. October 2006: Sarah Monette's "A Light in Troy", online: Not read.
  31. October 2006: Lavie Tidhar's "304 Adolf Hitler Strasse", online: Not read.