Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ken Scholes' "Summer in Paris, Light from the Sky": An alternate history of Europe during mid twentieth century

This is a non-genre political story.

If you are familiar with European history, may be you will be in a position to evaluate this story. I have almost no clues to the real historical dates, actors, & events depicted here - & only minor clues to the kind of sentiments they invoke. And I have a feeling some people will be offended by this story.

I found it a barely ok read; there are better ways of killing time.

Full text of the story is available for download.

Story summary.

Adolf Hitler is an ordinary painter who will eventually become a savior of Jews. He will be helped by Erine Hemingway, the drunkard writer from US, & Chuck Chaplin, the English comedian. They will become pals when all three are in Paris in 1941.

During their stay, local aristocracy assassinates Napoleon, charging innocent Jew youths for the crime. The event will be used by local powers-that-be to begin persecution of Jews in France.

The three friends will mastermind revolution that will make France a democracy, & will see to the creation of Israel & salvation of Jews.

Fact sheet.

"Summer in Paris, Light from the Sky", short story, review
First published: Clarkesworld, November 2007.
Rating: C
Among the preliminary nominees for Nebula Award 2008 in short story category.