Saturday, September 8, 2007

"Asimov's Science Fiction" magazine, July 2007: 6 stories

Ordered on quality (best first), rather than their appearance in the magazine; my rating is in brackets:

  1. Brian Stableford's "The Trial" (A): Early field trials of a drug are too successful!
  2. John Schoffstall's "Bullet Dance" (A): An unconventional technique to beat the gunman.
  3. Chris Roberson's "The Sky Is Large and the Earth Is Small" (B): Not sf. Story of the early days of European Renaissance, but set in China instead.
  4. Nancy Kress' "Fountain of Age" (B): An old man cannot get over love of his youth.
  5. Robert Reed's "Roxie" (C): Joys of owning a dog.
  6. Michael Swanwick's "Congratulations from the Future!" (C): Future history of Asimov's Science Fiction magazine!