Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thematic search: Stasis fields, hibernation, & "Nothing"

  1. An inbound link from Charlie Jane Anders' "10 Awesome Uses For A Stasis Field" post at io9 today morning (thanks Charlie) to my post on Heinlein's "Beyond This Horizon" made me revisit the "stasis field" story tag.

    While this tag already existed, it now fetches more stories (at least where I could remember plot when seeing story title). Original tag called "stasis" is renamed to "stasis field" to avoid confusion with hibernation ("cold sleep").

    Note: Stasis field is a generally gadget generated field (intentional or accidental) that stops time in a specific volume of space.
  2. Already existing "hibernation" tag also fetches more stories now.

    Note: Hibernation ("cold sleep") is about stopping the biological processes: space travel while in stasis, accidental dumping of someone at a cold place where he will survive semi-consciously for eons, ...
  3. While at it, I also realized I've recently seen some stories where the key concept is of "nothing", "zero", "vacuum", etc. So, "Nothing" (as noun) is a new story tag. But few story matches yet.