Friday, July 11, 2008

Some possibly good online fiction

No time for my normal post today - it's already past 1 am here; reached home rather late. But here is something based on other people's hard work - all 3 posted today.

Free SF Reader links James H Schmitz's short story collection "Eternal Frontier", compiled by Eric Flint. While the collection has a lot of stories, 6 of them are online: "Adventures in Time and Space", "The Big Terrarium", "Summer Guests", "Captives of the Thieve-Star", "Caretaker", & "One Step Ahead".
Note: My personal experience with Schmitz is limited to his best known work - very readable space opera novel titled "The Witches of Karres". I haven't read any of these 6 stories.

QuasarDragon links Charles Coleman Finlay's "The Political Officer". I'd read it long back as part of Dozois' annual Best of Year #20 anthology (2003). I don't recall a lot of plot details, but I'd rated it B; it must have impressed me as ok though not great.

Eoghann Irving's post titled "The History of Science Fiction - The 19th Century" at Solar Flare lists some of the classic sf works of nineteenth century, along with short descriptions. I've read only 3 of the lot & they are important works - though not always very gripping & not always science fictional. He doesn't link online copies, but they should be easy to find with google - all should be public domain. For me, the most interesting thing was the list of titles worth looking up - at least a couple of names I didn't know.
Credits: I found Irving's post via SF Signal.


Eoghann Irving said...

I had originally intended on linking to Project Gutenberg for etexts but, it turns out to be quite difficult in the case of short stories as they are often only included as part of a much larger book.