Monday, December 14, 2009

Phredd Serenissima's "Dr Luscious Franks and the Amazing Recyclotron" (short story, mad professor, free): Curing the sickness that is "life"!

When Kevin, the massenger boy, went to deliver the parcel to Dr Luscious Delirious Franks at "Dr Luscious D Franks' Evil Laboratory (A Limited Liability Cooperative)", he could not have suspected the horror that awaited him...

Caution: Story uses a lot of jargon.

See also.

  1. Raymond F Jones' "Correspondence Course": If I'm not mistaking this story for something else, the plot structure of Serenissima's story is similar to this one - only in Jones' version the protagonist meets an alien with his own agenda rather than a mad professor.

Fact sheet.

First published: Medgadget, 23 October 2007.
Download full text from publisher's site (need to click "Read More..." at bottom of page & scroll down)
Rating: B.