Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sidewise Awards 2008: Short fiction winner, nominees & download links

Sidewise Awards for Alternate History 2008 nominees have been posted.
PS: Note the link above is not persistent. At the moment, it shows the nominees; will likely show something else when the awards home page updates!
Update 11 August 2009: Winner announced.

Fiction first published during 2008 is eligible.

Awards are given at Worldcon, same venue where Hugo Awards are given. "Sidewise" in award name comes from Murray Leinster's story "Sidewise in Time", said to be the first parallel universe cum alternate history story.
PS: This story may be available at Project Gutenberg but I don't have link handy. Not among Leinster's better stories in my book, but then I'm not really into alternate history of the US. It does have a curious explanation of parallel universes & how their physics can wreck havoc in our universe.

Short fiction nominees.

Note their official term for this category is "short-form". I provide download link where I'm aware of one. Links on author, editor, or publisher name yield more works from the source.

I haven't read any of these stories yet.
  1. Tobias Buckell's "The People's Machine"; download from A Dribble of Ink or Scribd; Lou Anders (ed)'s "Sideways in Crime: An Alternate Mystery" (anthology); BL/Solaris 2008.
  2. Albert E Cowdrey' "Poison Victory"; F&SF, July 2008.
  3. Paul McAuley's "A Brief Guide to Other Histories"; download; Postscripts #15, September 2008.
  4. T L Morganfield's "Night Bird Soaring"; download; Greatest Uncommon Denominator, #3 (Autumn 2008).
  5. [winner] Mary Rosenblum's "Sacrifice"; Lou Anders (ed)'s "Sideways in Crime: An Alternate Mystery" (anthology), BL/Solaris 2008.
  6. Kristine Kathryn Rusch's "G-Men": Lou Anders (ed)'s "Sideways in Crime: An Alternate Mystery" (anthology), BL/Solaris 2008.
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kaolin fire said...

Thanks for the link--cool to see that "A Brief Guide To Other Histories" is also available to read online; will have to check it out.